So, you’re thinking about building an ADU


Maybe you want an Accessory Dwelling Unit. Maybe you want a tiny house. Maybe you want a nice place for your Airbnb guests to lay their heads while they spend a week in Portland, or to turn your empty garage into the pad your father-in-law always wanted.

Whatever you want to call them, ADUs make an incredible addition to a single family home. For family members, an ADU provides an independent living space that doesn’t sacrifice closeness. For those looking to maximize the value of their property, an ADU is a flexible, efficient source of secondary income that supports short and long term tenants.

With over 30 years of architectural experience and over a hundred ADUs under our belts, ADU-PDX has designed beautiful living spaces across the Portland metro for families and developers alike. We’ve transformed basements and garages into homes for family members and empty lots into revenue-generating rental units. Whether you’re seeking a permit-ready project or want to custom-design your space, ADU-PDX will design, permit and zone your ADU.

Whatever you want your ADU to be, ADU-PDX will make it happen.

adu yellow exterior white fence

“It’s about designing the right thing for the right site.”

—Dave Spitzer, Architect


adu exterior front entry 28th st pdx small

adu interior aerial view knapp st pdx